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The Best Defense is a Strong Offense

Tactical Loading Systems


Our Mission

Torrent Loading Systems is dedicated to providing superiority and survivability to our military and law enforcement professionals. We are focused upon the tactical needs of personnel engaged in stress fire situations that require the ability of the individual to rapidly and effectively return fire, ensuring mission success.


TLS is a collaborative consortium of military and law enforcement veterans, IDPA, NRA competitive shooters and firearms collectors. The majority of our members are experienced operators with combat or field experience who have attained expert marksman status with small arms.

Introducing the first product in our ENGAGED OPERATOR SERIES the RLS-1, Lion

How Does The RLS-1 Operate?


One handed (ambidextrous) operation, for rapid reloading of Secondary Weapons systems (Magazine Fed Pistol) utilized in confined areas or emergency action while standing, running, sitting, prone, climbing, crawling, swimming, and inverted. The RLS-1 is designed using two moving parts, minimizing system failure. The RLS-1 can carry up to 3 magazines accessed via gun well or manually if desired/required. The RLS-1 fail-safe system allows user to manually feed/remove magazines if the RLS-1 becomes inoperable. 

The systems hard material allows users to re-cock (push upper slide back) weapon using one hand on top of the RLS-1 without damaging the system. The RLS-1 hood locks preventing the loss of magazines during parachuting, jumping, diving, fast-roping, rappelling, running, swimming, or aggressive operations. RLS-1 hood position selection allows operator to switch between automatic and single magazine disbursement.


What Are The Benefits Of RLS-1?

  • The RLS-1 greatly enhances the User’s loading speed, secondary fire power, significantly increase the User’s lethality, and makes the User’s secondary weapon comparable to a primary weapon system.

  • Allows the User off-hand to function as quick as the average primary hand of a standard trained shooter. The RLS-1 allows User to load secondary weapon while climbing, sitting in a vehicle, using off hand in other functions, maintain eyes on the target without glancing to reload, and to load in confined areas without reaching across Users body.

  • The RLS-1 system is durable, lightweight, versatile, and practical.

  • The RLS-1 system used in Close Quarter Combat (CQC), Visit, Board, Search & Seizure (VBSS) Operations, Vehicle/Transport movements, closed environments and precious cargo/prisoner movements increase the Operator’s secondary weapon to primary status without cumbersome equipment or drastic weight increase.

  •  The RLS-1 requires minimal training to familiarize and can be incorporated with any secondary weapons training to make the User proficient and comfortable with the systems multiple advantages.


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