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As a Retired Naval Hospital Corpsman serving 17 years with the Fleet Marine Force, having the ability to rearm my weapon with this ease and speed definitely would allow me to protect my patient's. The Torrentloading System should be made a mandatory issue to a Combat loadout. This product is fantastic!! Thank you Torrent for developing such an important tool for reloading.



Michael (Doc) Joris

USN (FMF/SW) Retried Wound Warrior Alumni

Reality is that there are just too many variables to consider when deciding what is a preferred weapon platform. There isn't one weapon fits all scenarios, and even within the same scenario there may be need for different weapon platforms for different individuals with different roles within the team (think designated marksman, breachers, etc.).

There has been a shift over the past decade in the US to become more dependent on long (patrol) rifles, following various active shooter incidents. reality is that in my opinion that is typically not the most appropriate tool. The ballistics are such that they may over penetrate and may not even stop the threat. With advances in ammunition, a handgun round may be much more effective than a rifle. In addition, space and environmental restraints must be accounted for (small houses, linear assaults on buses, etc).

With the exception of situations where long range shots are needed, and thus a rifle may fill a need, such as was the case in the mall hostage situation in Nairobi, Kenya in September, for most hostage rescue missions, handguns are a better option.

My two cents.




Bk Blankchtein

Owner at Masada Tactical Protective Services, LLC

I was teaching one-handed reloads to police officers just two days ago.  I don't teach any course to LEOs without a wounded-officer scenario.  But before I answer the question, I have to disagree with one assertion.  You state that "The pistol is rarely utilized as a primary weapon in CQB/CQC scenarios but, is always present as a secondary."  That may be true for the most part in military high-intensity conflicts, but not so for police officers.  Most cops don't have time to or don't see the need to take their rifles or shotguns from their vehicles when they respond to a call.  They usually treat the call as routine, and hence their primary weapon is a pistol.  Cops as a whole are involved in more close combat scenarios than most military personnel on a day-to-day basis.  I speak as a retired Marine, and a current LEO.  

Sooooo...  a system for rapid one-handed reloading has as much or perhaps more pertinence in private security as it does in the military or LE world.  Personal security details (PSDs) that are worth their salt spend a lot of time doing one-handed shooting while moving, usually guiding someone to safety or at least out of the line of fire. Consequently, one handed reloading would be preferential.  

This system is even more required with low capacity weapons like 1911s, Sig 220s, etc.  What about revolvers?  Yep, some folks still carry them as a primary, mostly armored car drivers, security guards, game wardens, etc.   

I love the concept and would like to help in any way I can.


Jacques (Jake) Pelletier

Director of Training Raven Firearms Training,

Firearms Instructor at Lancaster Police Department

It would be extremely beneficial, we train our cqb Marines reloading procedures from both hands and single handed!



James Luttrell

Designated Marksmen Instructor at United States Marine Corps

In CQC on the battlefield not LE, the use of a sidearm is preferable to going to the ground or hands. In combat when wearing body armor boing to the ground is a fatal error. The ability to reload and change mags with one hand even if not in full control of aiming to engage is a force multiplier.



MSG David Chappell

Intelligence, Research and Anti-Terrorism Expert

Obviously this would be a tremendous benefit.  The two handed reload is time consuming, so any advantage would be beneficial.  I don't think training would be an issue, as any simple system could be easily learned by the user.



William Duda

Section Chief at Homeland Security Investigations

The concept of a system that allows you to perform a one handed reload without re-holstering your pistol, or taking your firing hand off your pistol for that matter can save precious seconds on the battlefield.  Those seconds that can be the difference between life and death in a combat situation.



Lucas Anderson

Designated Marksman Instructor

Paul, we utilize long guns in all of our training with transition to pistol. We are looking to go to SBRs in the future for maneuverability. Personally, I prefer a pistol over a long rifle.


Yes, it would benefit the operator.



Michael Sanders

Resident Agent in Charge at Drug Enforcement Administration

The Torrent idea sounds interesting and the idea is very beneficial. My concern from the operator level, would be the size and configuration. Depending on the operation, how much more space does it take up on the assaulter's kit, does it have snag hazards, and where would it be placed on the individual, whether it be kit/ carrier/ or general center line?


Jonathan Jarman

Maritime Enforcement Specialist at DHS / USCG

Thanks again for asking! When on the gun range we always train with strong hand/weak hand shooting. Having a fast and efficient method of reloading with one hand sounds great. I am interested in seeing your product but I'm not a PFI (Primary Firearms Instructor) for DEA and any new weapon system would have to go through our HQ in Quantico.

A good friend of mine, Mike Duffy, is a PFI for us and is based in Denver. He would know more about who to contact in our firearms section.



Roberto Fuentes

Special Agent/Pilot, Drug Enforcement Administration, Top Secret Clearance

Roberto called me about you Paul. What can I do to help you?



Michael Duffy Jr.

Special Agent/Pilot - Criminal Investigator at US DOJ

If this is going to make it into production for millwork, can you please contact me and let me do a T/E on the design for product improvements? I would like to assist to make sure that our guys/gals are receiving the absolute fastest most solid solution possible. Also if you have something available prior to the 15th I have the TV Show 3GunNation filming at my location in Tempe, AZ. If you want some free PR I can probably work it in if its viable as a solution.


Matt Burkett
Predator Tactical LLC

I received your invitation to review TLS's EquityNet page, and feel that your product could be of benefit to the competitive shooters that use I would like to offer TLS a complimentary banner ad to present your product to our competitors. If you are interested, please let me know.

Thank you,
Shadi McPherson

Paul, I'm a DEA Agent and one of three firearms instructors in the DEA Bogota, Colombia office. We would be glad to try out your product


Daniel Dyer

Special Agent at DEA

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